API-1005 'estimateCurve' error while searching tasks in grid view


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Finding API error when trying to search for tasks from Clarity task grid view when Per-period metrics is set in view options.



  1. Login into Clarity Modern User Experience Build Number: or 15.9.1
  2. Create a new Project
  3. Create a task and click on task module and click Grid view.
  4. Mark/select the task and click Details pane
  5. Click Assignments under Details pane
  6. Click “Expand”
  7. In View Options set Per-period metrics to ETC, Period to Months, Start Periods to Project Start, End period to Project Finish and Close expanded view
  8. Return back to the task Grid view and in search area type in first character of one of the tasks on the project 

Expected result:  Only tasks that meets the criteria is shown.

Actual result: Page displays ‘Loading date... Please wait and error “API-1005 : Attribute(s) 'estimateCurve' specified in query parameters are not supported or secured.” In red appears in top of screen


This is caused by defect DE59999 


Clarity Release : 15.9.1



Defect is currently being reviewed by engineering.

The workaround to successfully search in the task grid tab is to reload the project by refreshing the browser or opening another tab for example "Staff" and returning back to the Tasks grid view.