Rich Text Format (RTF) Exporting to CSV
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Rich Text Format (RTF) Exporting to CSV


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Exporting Rich Text Format fields into CSV causes data to scatter across lines.
The content of the field is scattered across the number of lines the RTF field occupies.


1. Go to Studio > Objects > Project object
2. At the Attributes tab, create a Rich Text Field (RTF) type attribute
3. Enable it for the Modern UX
4. Go to the Modern UX > Blueprints
5. Add the field to the project blueprint.
6. On a project associated to the blueprint above, add some content on the RTF field

7. Go to the project list
8. On the list view add the RTF column to the view
9. Move the RTF column to be one of the first columns on the view

10. Export the list view to CSV

Expected Results: The content of each line exported to be placed on a single row
Actual Results: The RTF column content is scattered across several lines


Any Clarity release


This was analyzed by Engineering through DE60014. This is not a bug


CSV in plain text editor shows lines as wrapped. When opened with advanced editor like Numbers / Google Sheets, it shows up correctly.

It is not a Clarity issue, but linked to the tool used to open the CSV file. 
Though the value of the Rich Text Attribute is coming in multiple lines, since it is escaped by enclosing it in double quotes (Hex 22), this is determined to be Not a Defect, and works per the design. 

Notepad++ export:

Google Sheet export: