CA IDEAL and CICS Threadsafe


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CA Ideal


Can CA IDEAL CICS application programs be defined as  CICS Threadsafe ?


Release : 15.1

Component : CA IDEAL

CICS Transaction Server 


IDEAL application programs in load module format are ONLY executable within  
an IDEAL environment,  they cannot be executed independently via the         
CICS EXEC LINK command and therefore the "Concurrency" value on the CICS     
PROGram Definition does not make any difference.  The main IDEAL/IPC/VPE     
module that directly interfaces with CICS is VPEHJEnn (where "nn" is the     
CICS release).                                                               

IDEAL is essentially "threadsafe" meaning that IDEAL code will operate         
on as many TCBs as available. Unfortunately, CICS is only aware of VPE         
because it does the CICS calls and VPE itself is not threadsafe (BDAM          
I/O is only one particular reason).  In order to be defined to CICS            
as Threadsafe, there can be no calls to CICS that are not Threadsafe.