UIM upgrade failing during ade probe configuration
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UIM upgrade failing during ade probe configuration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


While upgrading from UIM 9.0.2 to UIM 20.1 following error is encountered.


UIM error for automated deployment engine probe failed to start 

Can see below error in UIM installation logs 




Release : 9.0.2 / 20.1

Component : UIM - INSTALL


1. Make sure that the Nimsoft Service is running in the Primary Hub

2. Deactivate automated_deployment_engine.

3. Go into /Nimsoft/probes/service/automated_deployment_engine/

4. Backup this folder to your desktop before continuing

5. Delete the database files (automated_deployment_engine.h2, automated_deployment_engine.lock)

6. Delete all files in ade_package_temp AND ade_xml_temp folders.

7.Delete all the .mdmp file

8. Activate ADE.

Now re-run the install 

Note :In the scenario if UIM installation is started and observed that new jre gets extracted and then deleted in the uim jre folder 

If this occurs then manually extract the java_ jre in the nimsoft jre folder 

Start IM and deactivate/activate the automatic_deployment_engine

Rerun the UIM 20.1 installer