Phase ID and Name incorrect if you add a WBS Level in OWB


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Phase ID and Phase Name do not display correctly for tasks. It displays as the top WBS Level Task ID and Name instead of the direct Phase ID and Name in Clarity if you add a WBS Level in Open Workbench (OWB). We are looking to use the Phase ID for a custom report. 


  1. Create a new project in Clarity
  2. Open the project in OWB
  3. Click on the circle in the top left hand corner of OWB then select Preferences
  4. Click on the WBS tab
  5. In the Summary Level Labels field, add a field before Phase (IE Project1)
  6. Click OK
  7. Create 3 tasks with both Task Name and ID entered
  8. Set the WBS Level for each task as below (This can be done by double clicking on the task and selecting the WBS Level from the Type drop down on the General tab)
    • Task1: WBS Level = Project1
    • Task 2: WBS Level = Phase
    • Task 3: WBS Level = Task
  9. Save the project back to Clarity
  10. Go to the Tasks view
  11. Click Show all on the Task filter to view all tasks
  12. Click the Gear icon on the right hand side and select Configure
  13. Add Phase ID and Phase Name to Selected Columns and click Save and Return
  14. View the Phase ID and Phase Name for the task (Task 3)

Expected Results: Task 3’s Phase ID and Phase Name reflects the Phase Name and Phase Name for Task 2 (the Phase it belongs to)

Actual Results: Task 3’s Phase ID and Phase Name displays as the top WBS Level (Project1) Name and ID


This is working as designed. The definition of a Phase for Clarity is the top level task, so that is why all the tasks and phases beneath the top level one pull the top level ID.  

This is referenced in the Glossary at: Phase "is the top-level default value for Project-Phase-Activity-Task. Levels can be changed and added as required to match WBS conventions."


Release : All Supported

Component : Clarity Project Management


There is a field named 'parent id' that is the internal id of the direct parent for a task that may help in getting the information needed. Here's a link to a communities post on some query suggestions for this: SQL Query for Parent Task

Within the project, there wouldn't be an option to have the top summary task (additional WBS level above Phase) and also get the phase IDs to display.