Initiatives renamed to Clarity project name when sync is disabled


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Some Rally initiatives are changing back to the existing Clarity project names even if the Sync is turned off for those projects.

Also, the opposite may be observed, where the Clarity name is changed by a manager, but after a Rally Sync, the Initiative name reverts back to the previous name. Checking the Initiative Revision history in Rally, the name did change correctly after one sync, but then changed back after a later sync. In this case the project is checked for Synchronization.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Uncheck a project in Clarity for Synchronization
  2. Rename the Rally Initiative to be different then the Clarity Name
  3. Run the Rally Sync job

Expected Results: Rally Initiative is not renamed to the Clarity name since the synchronization is unchecked

Actual Results: Rally Initiative is renamed and shows as updated by the Rally Integration at time a rally sync is triggered


This is due to a refresh that causes the same Rally integration mapping(s) to be copied over to one or more other environments. Example, post refresh of Production to Test, the Production integration will be copied to Test. If this Production mapping is not disabled in Test, this can cause syncing to occur from non production projects to Rally Production.


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Check all other Clarity environments (Test, Dev, etc) to make sure that the Production (or environment impacted) mapping is not set as active in those environments. If yes, disable it using the steps below:

  1. In Clarity, go to Administration->General Settings->Integrations
  2. Click on the Active check box field, and change the value to 'No'
  3. Click Save


Additional Information

It's by design that rally initiatives would change back to the Clarity project names if the synchronization option is still checked for the project, but if synchronization is checked off for that project in clarity, then it should no longer be updating that name in Rally. 

Rally Integration type is Rally to Clarity, but even in that scenario the initiatives can be renamed as per Iteration or Capability Name overwritten with Project name when syncing from Rally to Clarity