New opslog allocation
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New opslog allocation


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Our current OPSLOG is not paging correctly. We have manually allocated a new OPSLOG dsn (no formatting to do?). We do not have OPSLOG nor SYSCHK1 in OPSSPA00 member. We do have dd statements in the OPSMAIN proc. I just changed the proc to the new empty OPSLOG dsn. Will that work, since we plan on ipling this weekend?  We use OPSMVS to IPL our system.  




This will work fine.   A new OPSLOG can be created and pointed to via the DD statements.   The only caveat would be to ensure that the new OPSLOG is at least the same size as the previous one.   Allocating a smaller sized OPSLOG would then create the need to set a new value of the BROWSEMAX parameter.   There is no special formatting between releases unless noted otherwise in the Release Notes section.