OneClick install failed running the SA-RPT-MGR.cus script


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CA Spectrum


OneClick install failed running the SA-RPT-MGR.cus script.

The following is seen in the $SPECROOT/Install-Tools/LOGS/<Spectrum Version>/postinst* script:

********** Started: Fri Mar  5 12:19:10 2021 **********
running Custom Script Install-Tools/CUS/SA-RPT-MGR.cus
Error in SRMDb. Please Check /opt/Spectrum/Install-Tools/LOGS/ for details.

Script Install-Tools/CUS/SA-RPT-MGR.cus has FAILED

A check of the SRMDb-results.log file shows the following:

SRMDb ran with failures Error occurred while migrating the SRM database
Caused by: Exception loading remote reporting data
 ... 1 more
Caused by: Failed to dump source database records to file.
 Please review '/opt/Spectrum/Install-Tools/import_remote_reporting_data.results' file for more detailed error information.
 ... 2 more

A check of the import_remote_reporting_data.results shows the following:

Beginning data migration process.
Creating 'reporting' database locally (if necessary)...
'reporting' database created successfully.
exporting reporting data from : ca-oneclick 
source alarminfo table is already compatible with MySQL 5.0. 
mysqldump of source data failed with status: 512 


During the OneClick/Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) installation, the following screen appears:

This information is only used if you have a separate SRM system and want to migrate the reporting database from this separate system to this system.

In this instance, the user filled out this information but the system was not an SRM system


Release : 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum Report Manager


If you do have a separate SRM system and wish to migrate the reporting database, input the information as required.

If you are not migrating the reporting database, leave all the field blank and just click on the Next button.