PowerBi and OData connection in GCP SSO
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PowerBi and OData connection in GCP SSO


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Wondering if we can use just one Clarity account for PowerBi and OData connection in Clarity SaaS GCP SSO?




Please review the following Techdocs documentation prior to setting up a new Clarity account for access to the OData server.

Access OData Endpoints Using Clarity Credentials

Note: Users cannot access the Data Warehouse OData endpoints using their OD Portal login credentials or domain credentials in a Federated SSO environment. To allow access to the Data Warehouse OData Endpoint URL in these environments, complete the following steps:

1) Create specific report users in CA PPM SaaS.
You can re-use existing product users provided they do not have the External Authentication option checked in the resource properties under Administration. If the option is checked, create new report users.

2) Set up a password for these users in CA PPM SaaS so that they can use it for accessing the Data Warehouse OData Endpoints.

3) You can determine from the Clarity UI whether the URL is correct or not by navigating to Clarity -> Administration -> General Settings -> Data Warehouse OData Service

4) User needs granted two required Odata access rights - Data Warehouse OData Service & Navigate access - Odata