Upgrading Wily Version 9.5 to Version 10.7
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Upgrading Wily Version 9.5 to Version 10.7


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We would like to upgrade our Wily Introscope from version 9.5 (not supported) to Version 10.7.

I am trying to find the installation file for Suse Linux 64 and some documentation to do the upgrade.


We will do the installation of Wily Introscope on new servers. So that means that we need to import some data from the server where 9.5 is installed.


Release : 10.7.0

Component :


Here is the compatibility guide for 10.7.


10.7 supports Suse 11 and 12.

The installation for Linux is located below.  So you would be choosing 10.7 and 0000 as the service pack as that is the full installer.

Introscope Workstation Installer for Linux r10.7.0.0


As for bringing dashboards over, what you would do is install the 10.7 EM and before you start it, copy over the <9.5 EM HOME>/config/modules and <9.5 EM HOME>/config/modules-backup over to the <10.7 EM HOME>/config/modules and <10.7 EM HOME>/config/modules-backup directories.


1. Install EM on its new server.  Once installation is complete, do NOT start it.

2. For Smartstor, copy over the <9.5 EM HOME>/data directory to the <10.7 EM HOME>/data directory.

3. For traces, copy over the <9.5 EM HOME>/traces directory to the <10.7 EM HOME>/traces directory.


Once all your EM's in the cluster are upgraded and have the 9.5 directories copied over, then using best practices this is how you start your cluster:

1. Start up all Collectors first.  Check the log for the line "[INFO] [main] [Manager] Introscope Enterprise Manager started"

2. Once all Collectors have shown that line, then start the MOM.