Startup scripts have incorrect path when using alternate install path for Aggregator and Collector


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


On a fresh install of the Aggregator and Collector servers, we installed the application to a different path than the default, the systemd init scripts do not use the chosen path.

So instead of /opt/CA/<install folder> I installed to /opt/CA/Perfmgmt/<install folder>

These files have the wrong path to the startup scripts for dadaemon.service, dcmd.service and activemq.service in the /etc/systemd/system directory.  They use the default path option presented at install time which was not used




There were remnants of a previous installation, with the default install path


Release : 20.2

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Solution is to update the files with the proper paths and restart systemd or reboot server (I rebooted) The dadaemon, dcmd and activemq services now start properly.

Workaround is:

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon uninstall

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon install

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/activemq uninstall

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/activemq install