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Is there any possibility in the CA Report Facility to change the value of the SHARE option for an object or form?


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How can the SHARE OPTION of a Query or Form be changed under the CA Report Facility?


The SHARE OPTION for a Query or Form can be changed by selecting the related Query or Form from the CA Report Facility Main Menu. Select Option=S (select) for the QUERY or FORM you would like to change on the QUERY / FORM LIBRARY Panel under the Column QUERY NAME or FORM NAME. On the BUILD Panel that is displayed execute command PROFILE which brings up the QUERY/FROM PROFILE Menu where you can change the SHARE option to :

"Y" - Others can use - but not update - your QUERY

"N" - Your QUERY cannot be referenced or copied by others

"U" - Others can use - and update - your QUERY


Component: BIPRF