Not able to validate server with WebServices URL under WCC


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CA Workload Automation AE


Under Workload Control Center(WCC)-->Configuration, Server Validation failed with below error when WebServices URL mentioned:
"Error: E190098 xxxxxxx (web services validation) - A connection exception was encountered: https://xxxxxx:9443/AEWS returned error Read timed out."


WCC server is able to communicate to Scheduler server but not able to get the response back from the Scheduler server.


Release : 12.0

Component :


Check DNS Configuration, nslookup from Scheduler server to WCC server.

Additional Information

Please make sure WCC Server is able to communicate to Scheduler server by checking following from WCC server:

  1. nslookup <Scheduler server>
  2. telnet <Scheduler server> 9443

Now, Launch browser in WCC Server, run "https://xxxxxx:9443/AEWS/machine", specify the userID used for "Monitor ID" field when prompted. It should list all the machines details in xml format if there is no issue else would see a blank page. A blank page indicates the communication issue from Scheduler server to WCC Server.