Login issue as masteradmin on DX Platform 20.2.1 after install


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


This is an on premise new install of the DX Platform 20.2.1 release on k8s. We can successfully login using "masteradmin" tenant and "masteradmin" user. Login is successful, but it immediately logout "masteradmin" user. This issue is occurring right after the successful install.


CA_CLOUD_MANAGEMENT cookie is not getting created because of the invalid domain. We are setting cookie on the parent domain. In this case, it looks like the last two domain segment ( example: gov.XX) from the hostname (example: myhost.abcd.gov.XX). This (gov.XX) is not a valid domain name for cookie because gov is a top level domain.

You can check the CA_CLOUD_MANAGEMENT cookie in developer tools as follows.


Release : 20.2

Component : APMISP


Development team has created a HOTFIX image, which we can use for DX Platform 20.2.1 release.

The HOTFIX image should be loaded into local repository, pushed into registry and then turn deployment (apmservices/manager).

Contact Broadcom support to obtain the HOTFIX image for DX Platform 20.2.1 release.

Another workaround is as follows: 

Customers could map their host name on another host name which has only one segment in the top domain name. Then customers can access DX Manager with this new mapped host name.

For example map myhost.abcd.gov.XX on myhost.io or something like that.

At present, this fix is expected to go into on premise 21.3 release. We do not have any ETA for on premise 21.3 release.