SQL table registration with trailing spaces in column name


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Hello team,

We have a challenge with a table that has 2 trailing spaces in the primary key column name. When the table is registered, the registered table on Datamaker doesn't have the spaces. So in order to keep the names in sync, I changed the name using the "maintain table" option. Now when we try to publish data to this table, the publish always comes back with column invalid/not found. 

This is a critical business table and we want to get to a solution as soon as possible. 


Release : 4.9



I was able to do a workaround on GTDM to get this to work by doing the following:

  1. Register said table to a Version. Datamaker automatically registers the column without the trailing spaces
  2. Create all the required functions and go to the publish datapool page and update the table repeat count but do not publish. This resolves the “inconsistencies” error message
  3. Maintain the table and change the column name to add trailing spaces to match the target DB
  4. Publish thru Portal and not GTDM