Amazon RDS support for Oracle with Applications Manager
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Amazon RDS support for Oracle with Applications Manager


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Does Applications Manager support Amazon RDS for Oracle? 


Release : 9.3



Current script is  incompatible with Amazon Oracle RDS the way it is currently written.

1) If permissions are not correct, you cannot login as SYS.  That account is retained by amazon.

2) Because you do not have access to sys, you cannot grant select on v_$ tables directly you must use packages that amazon builds into rds to grant those with grant option. 



Additional Information

AM currently does not support Amazon RDS for Oracle. RDS has its own way to control privileges through its own packages not provided by Oracle. The current AM installation will not work as it rely on Oracle SYS account and grant needed privileges from there.
The grants needed are listed in sql/sysdba.sql file.
If you  really want to try, you can export a working AM instance from regular Oracle installation with privileges to import into RDS Oracle instance, to skip the grants. We have not attempted that yet.
Notice that OAE (Oracle Application Extension) will also not work on RDS.
If we were to do it in the future, we could create a role and grant all needed privileges to it as a separate step, ahead of installation and grant the role with RDS packages to the AM user.

Please raise an Idea via our Ideation  on Broadcom communities at the link below: