Missing partition in lookups and objects


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Clarity PPM On Premise


In our Test environment missing the partition on objects and lookups which has impacted them while opening a project, they see the "financial summary" page instead of "project summary" page. And the "edit" subpage is missing too.  They could see the default "project summary" and the "edit" pages earlier. 

At this time, none of the objects that show as tied to the our partition on their properties page on Dev and Prod, are tied to any partition model at all in Test, which is why they aren’t seeing things properly (they’ve already established this, but didn’t check the partition models).

I have tried reattaching the Project object to the or partition but it still doesn’t show the partition drop down.  I have activated and deactivated the test partition with no change.


Release : 15.9

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


The issue was due to someone inactivating partition. Advised to search for an action which we were able to capture when clicking to inactivate partition and attempt to find it in the app-access.logs, ensure to search for it on both nodes. By deactivating the partition the association to objects also got deleted along with any attributes that were associated with that partition were also deactivated.