Client Automation - UPM patch fails with exit code 619 (SDM228001)


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After a Patch Me package was accepted on Patch Management and deployed to a target server, the package fails with the following error:

This error seems specific to a particular server, deploying the same package to other machines ends as expected.


Error SDM228001 it's a generic error that specifies the job installation ended with an exit code different to zero (which is considered as 'OK'):


In order to determine the actual meaning of "exit code 619", SD Agent logs can be reviewed.


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While the package was deployed to the target machine, the following messages can be seen on the logs:

|NOTIFY | Running SD job 1: UPM - CR - Patch Me 2012 R2 - Security IntelliRollup v2101.00.1 - {df365079-5b03-03eb-940f-f717d740d104} Silent Install 1.0
|NOTIFY | Status: CID:61E2597C-8F40-4664-9D09-B53B446435BC AID:AA9435FA-5FE7-4F35-BF28-A91E4B505C90 JID:6189A37B-F5E6-4F6E-A486-BEBDC351535C rc:3
|NOTIFY | Set job status for AA9435FA-5FE7-4F35-BF28-A91E4B505C90
|NOTIFY | Creating a WIN NT Job executor helper
|NOTIFY | SDJESDProcedureExecutorIf::Execute executing DMSCRIPT.EXE df365079-5b03-03eb-940f-f717d740d104-0.dms    C:\PROGRA~2\CA\DSM\Agent\units\00000001\usd\sdjexec\AA9435FA-5FE7-4F35-BF28-A91E4B505C90.res 
|NOTIFY | Creating a WIN NT Job executor helper
|NOTIFY | SDjob 1 returns: 1 ExitCode: -1073741205
|NOTIFY | Execution not OK

As seen here, the actual exit code of the job is: -1073741205

Searching for this error code on Microsoft site, the following description is found:

{DLL Initialization Failed} The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down.

This means the target server was probably pending for restart from a previous patch or KB installation and, while this doesn't happen, a new patch can't be installed.

A good approach would be to speak with your Windows administrator as a way he can determine what this exit code means.