Client Automation - UPM patch fails with exit code 619 (SDM228001)
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Client Automation - UPM patch fails with exit code 619 (SDM228001)


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After a Patch Me package was accepted on Patch Management and deployed to a target server, the package fails with the following error:

This error seems specific to a particular server, deploying the same package to other machines ends as expected.


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Error SDM228001 it's a generic error that specifies the job installation ended with an exit code different to zero (which is considered as 'OK'):


In order to determine the actual meaning of "exit code 619", SD Agent logs can be reviewed.


While the package was deployed to the target machine, the following messages can be seen on the logs:

|NOTIFY | Running SD job 1: UPM - CR - Patch Me 2012 R2 - Security IntelliRollup v2101.00.1 - {df365079-5b03-03eb-940f-f717d740d104} Silent Install 1.0
|NOTIFY | Status: CID:61E2597C-8F40-4664-9D09-B53B446435BC AID:AA9435FA-5FE7-4F35-BF28-A91E4B505C90 JID:6189A37B-F5E6-4F6E-A486-BEBDC351535C rc:3
|NOTIFY | Set job status for AA9435FA-5FE7-4F35-BF28-A91E4B505C90
|NOTIFY | Creating a WIN NT Job executor helper
|NOTIFY | SDJESDProcedureExecutorIf::Execute executing DMSCRIPT.EXE df365079-5b03-03eb-940f-f717d740d104-0.dms    C:\PROGRA~2\CA\DSM\Agent\units\00000001\usd\sdjexec\AA9435FA-5FE7-4F35-BF28-A91E4B505C90.res 
|NOTIFY | Creating a WIN NT Job executor helper
|NOTIFY | SDjob 1 returns: 1 ExitCode: -1073741205
|NOTIFY | Execution not OK

As seen here, the actual exit code of the job is: -1073741205

Searching for this error code on Microsoft site, the following description is found:

{DLL Initialization Failed} The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down.

This means the target server was probably pending for restart from a previous patch or KB installation and, while this doesn't happen, a new patch can't be installed.

A good approach would be to speak with your Windows administrator as a way he can determine what this exit code means.