Time Slicing Sync Job Purpose
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Time Slicing Sync Job Purpose


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What does the new Time Slicing Sync job do?

Note: This job was renamed from Time Slicing Group By in 15.9.2 


Group By Functionality Displays Aggregations for TSV Columns

When you use the Group By capability in the Staff Grid, the Assignments Grid, or the Financials grid, you will be able to view the totals for all the TSV’s available in the grid. Let’s consider an example where we have added the Remaining Allocation and Remaining Availability, TSV’s to the Staff Grid. When you group by Booking Status, you will be able to see the total aggregated values for Remaining Allocation and Remaining Availability for resources with Soft, Hard, and Mixed booking status.

The Time Slicing Sync job (Previously named Time Slicing Group By in 15.9.1) was introduced in 15.9.1. This job allows you to leverage the SQL curve technology introduced in Clarity to significantly improve the handling of time-phased data. You will now be able to view time-phased data without the restrictive time windows available in Classic Clarity. The SQL curve technology also allows you to aggregate time-phased data by using the Group-By functionality in Clarity. It also enables Clarity to display the remaining availability for all resources (resource availability - resources aggerated allocations across investments ) in the Staff grid across investments. The first time the Time Slicing Sync job runs, it may take some time (depending on data) before Clarity will display per-period metrics or support Group By aggregation.

  • Custom TSVs are not visible in this release of Clarity. They are still visible only in Classic Clarity..
  • All per-period metrics represented in the Staff, Assignments, and Financials modules for Projects, Ideas, and Custom Investments are using the SQL curve technology which extracts data from their corresponding BLOBs.
  • Starting in 16.0.3, the job is not required for updating Remaining Availability when the Allocation is edited/updated.
  • Administrators do not need to manually run the Time-Slicing Group-By job as part of an upgrade or fresh installation.
  • The Time Slicing Sync job is non-concurrent with Time Slicing job.
  • The SQL curve technology is not used in the Staffing workspace.
  • TheTime Slicing Sync job is scheduled to run every five minutes in your environment. If you do not execute this job in your environment, you may not see accurate metric data in the Staff, Assignments, and Financials modules for Projects, Ideas, and Custom Investments.

If upon upgrade, you find that the job is scheduled and appears to be running but values such as cost plan details in the Financials module, run the job manually. 

Scheduling: The job is scheduled by default to run every 5 min. This can be modified and the job can be run once per day after an initial run after upgrade. The Time Slicing (regular) will update all other required fields.

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