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We need to allow a user to update the attachments on a Change Order while blocking them from editing anything else.  Currently, there is a Data Partition that only allows users to modify Change Orders that have a status of 'RFC'

Pre-Update Change_Request ([email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]) AND (status = 'RFC')
Update Change_Request ([email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]) AND (status = 'RFC')

Once the status is changed, the users can no longer edit the Change Order.

Is there a way to keep this data partition for Change Orders applicable to every part of a Change Order except attachments?


Release : 17.1 and higher



Data partitioning is meant to apply to the entire object.  It is not possible for a data partition to be applicable to only part of the given object and its constituent elements, ie:  block access to all fields, except select fields such as status field or attachments to be accessible.

The form changes necessary to allow for such granularity in data partition application would be extensive, requiring each field and component in the given object to be subjected to a PDM_IF statement to check for the given condition in order to determine if the field would be accessible.  Support would not be able to assist in such an endeavour.

One possible scenario is to modify the given DP to allow further access to the CO for an agreed upon status to allow the end user a chance to make whatever changes are needed depending on site defined change process.  Such a status could be called "RFC-Revise" and added to the given DP as a possible condition that allows editing.