The Bind customization task failed when upgrading to r20 and Db2 v12


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CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS


When running the Db2 Bind Product Plans and Packages Customization task, ssid0002, it can fail with one of the following errors:

1. The GENRBIND step can fail with RC 12 and the following error messages:

**** ERROR                                                
**** INSRSET rc= 12 SSID= ssid                            
**** Parmlib member SETUP00 contains an invalid value for 
**** SSIDVER and/or SSIDMODE. You must correct the invalid
**** value then resubmit this job.                        

2. The FULLBIND step can fail with RC 08 and the following messages are issued for every BIND PACKAGE statement:

 BIND PACKAGE(DGL1P200_PUT_PFR) MEMBER([email protected])           APPLCOMPAT  (  )       VALIDATE     ( RUN     )       ISOLATION    ( CS
   )       FLAG         ( I       )       RELEASE      ( COMMIT  )       DYNAMICRULES ( BIND    )       DBPROTOCOL   ( DRDA    )
   ENCODING     ( EBCDIC  )       EXPLAIN      ( NO      ) ;                   
IKJ56701I MISSING APPLCOMPAT LEVEL:++                                          
IKJ56701I MISSING UP TO 9 CHARACTERS                       

Note the APPLCOMPAT parameter is blank.                  



There are incorrect Db2 version and mode definitions in the SETUP Parmlib member for this subsystem.


Release : 20.0

Component : DB2 Common Components


Review the SETUPxx parmlib member that is being used in this environment. Check whether the subsystem definition includes SSIDVER and SSIDMODE parameters similar to the following: 

SSIDVER  (V12)      

If Function Level and Catalog Level are specified, do not specify values for Version and Mode. These values are mutually exclusive and should not be used together.

For DB2 12 use Function Level (SSIDVERF) and Catalog Level (SSIDVERC). For example:


For DB2 11 use Version (SSIDVER) and Mode (SSIDMODE).

SSIDVER  (V11)      

If the subsystem is a member of a Datasharing Group, then ensure that the definitions for the Datasharing Group as well as for each of the datasharing members are also correct.



Additional Information

Further details on editing the Setup Global Parmlib member can be found here.