No data after creating multiple VNA plugins


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


I followed directions give in this KB article to create multiple plugins for different 128T conductors in different regional locations using this KB article:

But this error is returned: "Possible invalid protocol specified."

So I made changes as per this KB article and then rebooted the server:

But still the same error is returned.

Another solution might be to build multiple engines with unique domains for the same plugin but how to install multiple engines?


It must be run against a site folder


Release : 20.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


SDWAN Dashboards, the dashboard is based completely on VNA data, and as such does make sense to run against the VNA Domains, or a specific Domain.  However, they actually need to be run against the specific "Sites" folder for it to work correctly ( i.e. VNA Domains -> Domain 1 -> Sites... ) because the Map View won't load unless it is run against a "Sites" folder