No QOS data displayed when trying to create Ad Hoc reports via UIM Operator Console


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We want to get a basic CDM report from the Reports tab in the OC console in our production environment, but it is not showing any of the expected QOS data. We also have this running on our test environment without issues, and same versions on both.


- JNDI datasource in context.xml was set to the old DB instance (before the DB migration task was performed).


Release : 20.3



Via webex with the customer and Narendra.

We observed that the datasource that CABI server is using is the older instance of SQL Server (since the migration), and it needs to be replaced with the latest database's connection string

(when compared with the data_engine info).

The customer will have to enter a change request to get this changed.


  1. Login to CABI server machine and take a backup of .../CA Business Intelligence/apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver-pro/META-INF/context.xml file
  2. Then edit the file and change the incorrect java a connection string/url of "jdbc/uim" value…

to the current database URL->   jdbc:tibcosoftware:sqlserver://Exxxxxxx1:57xx2;databaseName=CAxxxxx
  1. Enter the password in plain text, save the file and restart the CABI server (Jaspersoft) service.
  2. Once the CABI server is up and running, in the cabijs webapp, View the repository and navigate to /public/ca/UIM/datasources and click on ‘UIM JNDI DATASOURCE’ and rt-click to EDIT.
  3. Click "Test Connection". If it displays "Connection passed", then execute a few of the dashboards under UIM->Dashboards->common, e.g., ‘UIM Summary Saas’, or ‘UIM Summary’ etc.,



Then retest Ad Hoc reports, to see if the QOS is still missing.


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