CA View - Large Joblog Output Filling View Database


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We have large job outputs going into CA View and we are getting these messages. 

 10.03.18 NPR1 S0073454 *SARDBI23 VIEW.SYSTEM1 Data file(s) at 94%

Some of our CICS regions have 999M lines and it is causing the above issue.

We have set up a limit in the parmlib for certain length of output going into View, but it is not working with current environment configuration.

Please can you give us suggestions how to set these limits. 

We submitted this job CVDEJCL(HBRMADDS) once this happened past week, but we believe it was temp fix only. 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The CVDEJCL(HBRMADDS) is a job to run SARDBASE ADDDS to add space to a View database. 
This is, indeed, only a temporary fix to potentially a bigger problem. 

If needed, if there is output from particular sources that is troublesome, you may not want to collect that output, or to change the output class to some class other than what is collected in View using SARINIT CLSL=...

The SARINIT MAXLINES parameter can be used to limit the number of lines that will get collected to the View database, but used as it is will affect all sysout collected to the database. 

Also, there can be use of the SARINIT TAPECLSL parameter, which can send output directly to tape, bypassing needing to go to the disk layer. 

If it is not to be all the reports in the database using the MAXLINES limit, then there can be use of a modified SARSTCUX exit. 

A standard SARSTCUX exit, in 12.2 and 14.0, in the View module CVDELOAD(SARSTCUX),  has a size of 0058. 

If there is interest in having the MAXLINES apply only to certain reports, then you would need to do the following:


 . Copy CVDELOAD(SARSTCUX) to member CVDELOAD(SARSTCUO), to save the original module. 
 . Use member CVDEJCL(BRMSSTCX) to create a modified exit. 
 . Where it says "<<< COPY YOUR SOURCE HERE >>>", copy in member CVDEOPTN(SARSTCU9). 
 . Submit the job to create a new SARSTCUX exit. 

 . Add the following to your SARSTC task:
 . . //MAXLNTAB DD DISP=SHR,DSN=... , assigning a member name to the MAXLN table. 

In the table would be records, full Report ID or wildcarded, which would specify  sysouts to be EXCLUDED from the line number check.