Troubleshooting a pop-up browser window for Web Isolation
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Troubleshooting a pop-up browser window for Web Isolation


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When troubleshooting a rendering issue with Web Isolation you may be faced with a link which opens a pop-up window.  With a pop-up window, gathering the dev tools info can be a challenge.


Release : 1.0 +

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If a link opens up a new pop-up window, by default it will open up without dev tools enabled.  Dev tools requires user intervention to activate.


There is a setting that we can utilize though which will automagically open dev tools for a pop up window.  If the user opens a browser and then hits F12 the dev tools will open.  Click inside the dev tools window to make it active.  Then hit F1.  If you scroll down to the bottom you will see an option for "Auto-open DevTools for popups".  After enabling this option, if a pop-up window is created, it will open up with DevTools enabled and you can gather data.