Zowe Brightside Endevor - Issue when integrating shell files Multiple Codepages


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


I have an issue regarding the integration of an element using Brightside (plugin endevor-for-zowe-cli)
A developer team informed me that their shell element (element written as a shell script) can’t be executed after using Brightside. It seems that the code is different between the original file that was downloaded from USS  and then added back to Endevor through Brightside.



Different codepages used when downloading to local machine from USS, then adding to Endevor through Zowe/Brightside


Release : 18.0 18.1 

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager   Brightside/Zowe  


It is possible to change the codepage used by Endevor web services when either uploading or downloading files. If different codepages are used, there can be a problem with the conversion of certain characters.  You just need to change the Endevor configuration file. Change the values of  CodePage ='cp01140' and Encoding='cp01140' to the same value (ex. CodePage='cp1047' and Encoding='cp1047' for USS files) used when either uploading or downloading files. Restart Tomcat STC to complete. You can also have multiple configuration files with different codepages and reference them through Zowe/Brightside profiles.  

Additional Information

Check Tomcat log for any codepage related errors. If the specified codepage is invalid, Tomcat will issue an error and use the default (cp37) codepage