MCS - NFS - Monitor disk space on remote filesystems using cdm probe via MCS
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MCS - NFS - Monitor disk space on remote filesystems using cdm probe via MCS


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How can I configure the cdm probe to monitor disk space on remote filesystems like NFS on Linux servers via MCS?

On the below documentation are some options to set up on cdm probe:

However, we are using enhanced profile on MCS and I didn't see the option "Enable space monitoring" on setup cdm (enhanced) window.



Release : 20.3



Please use below build and check whether NFS disk monitoring


This is the CDM v 6.60 Beta build and next few days we are going to GA them along with UIM 20.3.3.


Also you can use CDM MCS template 6.52 (6.50 HF2) which is already released and contain the MCS option to enable NFS disk monitoring.



Adds support for NFS disk monitoring through CDM "Default Disk(s) (Enhanced)" template:

Enabling Configuration for NFS Disk:

  1. Clear the “File System Type Filter” to remove the filter for NFS disk from monitoring in "setup CDM (Enhanced)" template.
  2. Disable "Allow Remote Disk Information" in "setup CDM (Enhanced)" template.

       Enable "NFS Space Check" in "Default Disk(s) (Enhanced)" template.

Known Behavior or Limitations for NFS Disk Monitoring:

  1. Need to restart the CDM or re-create the Default Disk(s) Enhanced profile whenever new NFS Disk is added in host machine. This is known legacy behavior and holds true for all Disks including Local Disk as well.
  2. Child “Disk(s) Enhanced” profile is not supported by NFS Disk Monitoring. Probes stopped monitoring for NFS Disk which is created under Child “Disk(s) Enhanced” profile.