OSF-0005 saving object instance if two attributes differentiated by the _text string (z_lkp and z_lkp_text) are locked by a process


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If two attributes exist differentiated by a _text string on their ID (z_lkp and z_lkp_text), those are locked by a process and the lookup field is present on the view, you are unable to perform any changes on the object instance. You continuously get the OSF-0005 error

1. Go to Administration > Studio > Objects
2. Edit the Project object and go to the Attributes tab
3. Create a lookup type attribute
   id: z_lkp
   Associated lookup i.e. Active Resources
4. Create a String type attribute
   id: z_lkp_text
5. Object > Views > Edit view > Add both fields to the view
6. Administration > Data Administration > Processes
7. Create a process with the project object as main object
8. Add a system action to lock both fields above
9. Create a project and Save
10. On the Project Properties page, you see the fields we created above: z_lkp and z_lkp_text
11. Populate the lookup type field
12. First observation: As the z_lkp field is populated so is the z_lkp_text field populated 
13. Start the process we created on Step 7.
14. Both fields are locked.
15. Click on Save on the properties page or change any editable field and Save

Expected Results: The save action is successful
Actual Results: OSF-0005: Changes were not saved as at least one attribute is locked. To see the locked attributes, reload the page.


This is caused 59957


This is currently being analyzed by Engineering

Remove the lookup type attribute from the view: z_lkp
Avoid two attributes having an attribute id differentiated by the _text string: z_lkp and z_lkp_text (z_lkp and z_lkp_string)