Unknown Entity sqlserver probe UIM Alert
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Unknown Entity sqlserver probe UIM Alert


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


All sqlserver probe alerts from UIM is shown as name=Unknown and class=entity.


SOI 4.2

SQLServer 5.10


Follow these steps:-

1-Deactivate the sqlserver probe.
2-Delete thealarms.cfgfile from theCA UIM Installation Directory> probes >   Database > sqlserver folder.
3-Upgrade the probe to version 5.10 or later.
4-Navigate to your robot and open the probeRaw Configureinterface.
5-Navigate to the setup
  section, and set the usm_display_db_level
  key to 1. When you enable this key, the CI name is appended with   “##<Database Instance Name>
  .” If no database name is mentioned in the CI for a profile checkpoint, the   probe adds the master database name in the defined      format.
  Default: 0
6-Clear the niscache folder of all the robots in your environment that have the sqlserver probe.The folder is located in the CA UIM Installation Directory.
7-Acknowledge all alarms from the probe.
8-Run the following queries on your UIM database to delete the QoS data from the probe:

delete from s_qos_data where probe = 'sqlserver'
delete from s_qos_definition where qos_group = 'QoS_SQLSERVER'
delete from nas_alarms where prid = 'sqlserver'
delete from cm_configuration_item_metric where ci_metric_type like '4.2%'
delete from cm_configuration_item where ci_type like '4.2%'

9-Restart the data_engine,nas,nis_server,discovery_server, and iscovery_agent
10- Activate the sqlserver probe.