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Can CA Gen 8.6 Toolset and Build Tool be tested with Visual Studio 2019 using a Gen 8.5 Encyclopedia model


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Can CA Gen 8.6 Toolset and Build Tool be tested with Visual Studio 2019 using a Gen 8.5 (Host) Encyclopedia model or does the Encyclopedia need to be upgraded to Gen 8.6 first?


Release : 8.6
Component : CA Gen Workstation Toolset


1. To use Gen 8.6 with Visual Studio 2019 requires the Gen 8.6 Complete PTF to be installed (WKS86200/SO09618) plus some additional Build Tool, Runtime & Toolset PTFs on top of Gen Complete. For details see CA Gen 8.6 > Technical Requirements "Change Summary" page and point 16 i.e.
16 Support for Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 requires the following PTFs: BTN86201, RTN86208, and TSN86209.
NOTE: Gen 8.6 PTFs can be downloaded from: CA Gen 8.6 Solutions & Patches

2. With the required 8.6 PTFs and Visual Studio 2019 installed, there should be no problem using the Gen 8.6 Toolset with a Gen 8.5 model downloaded from a Gen 8.5 Host Encyclopedia to test builds with Visual Studio 2019.
Gen Support has successfully downloaded the Gen 8.5 SAMPLE MODEL from an 8.5 Host Encyclopedia, opened it with a Gen 8.6 Toolset and generated/built Windows/C GUI clients using Build Tool Profile OPTIONS token OPT.VSVERSION set to VS160 which enables the use of VS 2019 i.e. per this KB article: CA Gen 8.6 Build Tool token OPT.VSVERSION value when using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

Additional Information

NOTE: Transfers between a Gen 8.5 Encyclopedia and Gen 8.6 Toolset should only be a 1-way exercise i.e. download/checkout only and no changes checked in. Although the schema "9.2.A6" has not changed across Gen 8.x versions, additional objects have been added across the releases. For further details see this KB article:
Upgrade from CA Gen 8.0 (or 8.5) to CA Gen 8.6 and distinguishing between model versions which all have same schema level '9.2.A6' on the Gen 8.6 Encyclopedia