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Trying to use CAU does not update agent | U00020936 Upgrade was skipped


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After upgrading from 12.2. to 12.3, tried to use the CAU to update the 12.2 agents to 12.3, but they are not updating.  The upgrade history shows the upgraded as ENDED_OK:

U00020936 Agent '[agent name]': Upgrade to version '[12.2 version info]' was skipped. Reason: Current version of the agent is equal to target version.


Release : 12.3



This is caused because an old CAU action pack is being used.  Steps to resolve this:
1) Download the plugin manager for this at
2) Place the .jar file into the AWI \WEB-INF\autoinstall directory
3) Log out and back into Automic client 0
4) Go to the Administration perspective and you will now see "Packs" on the left hand side, click on this
5) In the "Packs" part of the Administration perspective, click on "Update Index" and it worked this time
6) Once it appears, click on PCK.AUTOMIC_CAU_AGENT_WINDOWS and click on "Upgrade" at the top of the window
7) Go to "Agents & Groups", right-click on the agent that should be upgraded, choose "Upgrade Agent" and choose the 12.3.5 version from the "Target Version" dropdown

This was able to update the Windows agent.