Missing the devices in "Default Domain" IP Domain


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CA Spectrum



We are using the  "Default Domain"  IP Domain which contains all  devices to be sync over to CA PM.  However, it was just discovered that there are some devices are not
  being added into the Default Domain for some reason.

As a part of troubleshooting a normal Global Collection with the exact same criteria was created and it contains the all of the expected devices.


It was found that the missing devices were being populated into another 'IP Domain' container and therefore could not be added
  into a second (the desired) IP Domain as membership is restricted to 1.


Release : 10.4.x / 20.2.x

Component : Spectrum Integrations


Reconfigured the searches on the other IP Domains so that they would not populate the devices in question. Updated the 'Default Domain' collection
  and the devices correctly added afterwards

Additional Information

In this case we were able to identify the problem from events on the "Default Domain" model. Due to the large scale of the environment we
  checked the events for the individual "Default Domain" models on each landscape.

Locator Search
         Default Domain

Select the individual models (1 per participating landscape) and then check the Events

In this case we were seeing the following event for each missing model which helped identify the cause

0x5c40017 - Model {S 1} cannot be added in this IP Domain as it is already part of another IP Domain.