DATAQUERY Report Format option in DQE10 ONLINE EXECUTION panel


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In the CA Datacom Dataquery online execution panel DQE10,  how can the default Report Format option be set?

Sometimes it defaults to COLUMNAR and sometimes to LIST.  

REPORT FORMAT                 The report format
 X  COLUMNAR                  - Show the data arranged one row per line
_  LIST                      - Show the data arranged one row per page



Release : 15.1

Component : CA Dataquery for CA Datacom


The default report format option in the online execution panel DQE10 depends on how the query being executed is coded.
If the query specifies DISPLAY the report format defaults to LIST.
For queries that specify PRINT, the default is COLUMNAR.

See the documentation section Choosing Format Options in DQL Mode which explains this further: 
When you produce a report or when you create a query or dialog, you can specify its format. The report produced by your query can present the data arranged in columns (columnar format) or with a separate row on every page (list format).

With the ONLINE EXECUTION panel you can change the default format specified in the query or dialog and select the alternative. When the query specifies PRINT, the data appears in columns. When the query specifies DISPLAY, the data appears in list format. Batch execution does not allow you to change the format specified in the query.