Issue with product installation from 9.0 to 9.1 not detecting upgrade


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CA Risk Authentication


Currently we are working on upgrading ARCOT from 9.0 to 9.1, while running the installer files (in Linux) in our QA environment we faced issues where scripts for DB upgrade didn't run.

Installer files used:

Error found:
Installer is unable read odbc.ini file as it has created a new one and deleted the old one.

ArcotException = Error in reading odbcini file :  (No such file or directory)
already_config_jdbc == true && already_config_odbc == true
11:22:16.570 [main] ERROR com.arcot.installer.actions.common.ReadDBParamsFromIniFileAction - ArcotException = Error in reading odbcini file :  (No such file or directory)
11:22:19.190 [main] ERROR com.arcot.installer.actions.console.ChooseDBType - already_config_jdbc == true && already_config_odbc == true
11:22:21.752 [main] ERROR com.arcot.installer.actions.console.ConfigDBParams - already_config_jdbc == true && already_config_odbc == true

The installer did not detect the upgrade and treating this as a new installation.


Release : 9.1

Component : RiskMinder(Arcot RiskFort)


These are the possible reasons why the Installer may not detect an upgrade -

1. ARCOT_HOME is not set.

2. ARCOT_HOME/Uninstall_CA Risk Authentication/ file is not found, the Installer looks into this file to find the version and then try the upgrade.