Workgroup Agent reported an SQL State = 08S01 SQL Error = 2006
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Workgroup Agent reported an SQL State = 08S01 SQL Error = 2006


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Nastel AutoPilot for WebSphere MQ



When a Workgroup Server discovery is high, and no other activity is occurring, then you can get SQL State = 08S01 SQL Error = 2006

[MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.1.51-community]MySQL server has gone away --Handle = 0069B5C8


This is due to expected behavior from MySQL.


MySQL has two server parameters, "Interactive Timeout" and "Wait Timeout" (for non-interactive connections). These are on Advanced Networking tab for Startup Variables in MySQL Administrator (variables interactive_timeout and wait_timeout in my.ini file). These define the time to wait on a connection for activity (default is 28800 seconds, or 8 hours). If there is no activity during this time, MySQL server shuts down the connection. On Windows, client will not be aware that this has happened until it attempts to access the connection. We don't believe this can be disabled, but it can be set to a large number (up to 2147483 seconds, or about 24 days).

Try using a larger value (our recommendation should be twice the WGS discovery interval).



Release: APWMQD99000-6.2-AutoPilot-WebSphere MQ-Distributed