Importing DRAS Repository configurations from Web Viewer 12.1 to 14.0
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Importing DRAS Repository configurations from Web Viewer 12.1 to 14.0


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1. What kind of access is required to use the DRAS_Repository Import tool?
2. Do we need admin access on Web Viewer (or CA View)?
3. Is there any additional step that needs to be done after running the import tool to connect Web Viewer with the repositories?


Release : 14.0, 12.1

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer



  1. Run JCL to access the repository definitions from the DRAS you are running with your Web Viewer 12.1.  It accesses the repository definitions you have stored in the DRAS JCL member specified in the //DRASCFG  DD statement and stores them in your Web Viewer 14.0 database. 

  2. This JCL is supplied as member CAHVMIG  in the &CAI.CVDEJCL partitioned dataset. Note:&CAI  is the high level qualifier of the datasets for the CA View 14.0 installation.

  3. You will need to configure the JCL before running.
    Here are detailed instructions on how to configure the CAHVMIG JCL:
    Migrate from a DRAS Config File to your application database

  4. This will convert the 12.1 repository definitions into your Web Viewer application database. No additional steps are needed.


Additional Information

NOTE: This import is not required. If you do not have a lot of repositories it may be easier to skip this import and just define your repositories in Web Viewer 14.