The cluster probe does not detect the cluster


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The cluster probe does not detect the cluster probe which is a Veritas Cluster Server 5.1SP1RP4


- Cluster was an Oracle Solaris Cluster not a Veritas Cluster


Release : 20.1

Component : UIM - CLUSTER


Here are some of the commands the cluster probe expects to be present on a Veritas cluster.

./hastatus -v
./had -v
./haclus -status
./haclus -value ClusterName
./hastart -v

Running a cat command on /etc/services shows that there is an Oracle Solaris Cluster Server installed, not a Veritas (VCS) cluster.

For example:

pnmd  6499/tcp   # Oracle Solaris Cluster pnm daemon

Also running ps -ef | more and looking at the running processes, we did not see any Veritas cluster processes running only the pnmd process which is for an Oracle Solaris Cluster. See /usr/cluster/bin for scs* commands for 'SunCluster' or 'Sun Cluster'  which is also known as 'Oracle Solaris Cluster.'

find / -name hastatus - if this command doesn't exist its not a Veritas cluster.

SetClusterStart - /opt/VRTS/bin/hastatus does not exist
You can also search for the above text in the cluster log as well as the plugin log.

cd /opt/VRTS/bin # to run Veritas cluster commands if they are present.

Please also refer to this Veritas™ Cluster Server Administrator's Guide for some helpful commands.

This is not a Veritas cluster or Veritas cluster node. It is an Oracle Solaris Cluster (Sun Cluster) and therefore, it is currently not supported. If the customer needs support for this, you would have to enter an enhancement request (Idea). Here is a KB Article on how to enter an Idea->