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How can I stop and restart an Opengate user without cycling TPX?


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We have set up an Opengate user to display storage usage in the TPX log on a regular basis, as described in TEC424715. However the Operator command class that is assigned to the OPENGATE user ID has no authority for the TPXOPER DISPLAY command and needs to be changed. This requires the Opengate user to bestopped and restarted in order to pick up the change. Is there a way to do this without cycling TPX?


To cycle an Opengate control user:

  1. In TPXOPER, cancel the Opengate userid: C U=userid

    • Use TPXOPER==> D U, to verify that the Opengate userid is no longer active.

      If appropriate, make any necessary changes. For the Summary example, either

    • Make the changes to the Operator command class assigned to the control user to authorize access to the DISPLAY command and reload the class via TPXOPER, or
    • Assign a different Operator command class to the control user userid and save the userid.

  2. From the TPX main menu, type (S)elect at the TPXDEMO session which has the Opengate control user defined in the ACT.

    • If you notice this message ==> Control user or sessions not active <== displayed at the top of the TPX main menu, it may be ignored because this is the starting condition and this action will restart the control user.
    • Use TPXOPER==> D U, to verify that the Opengate userid is now active.
    • You may also review the TPX LOG to confirm that Opengate user is active and displaying the storage usage.


Component: TLVIEW