R12 Installation completed with Warning


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


We have completed r12 install in our primary server and installation completed with below warning error. 

Warning Error: 

Installation Complete

The installation of AutoSys Workload Automation is finished, but some warnings
occurred during the install.  Please see the installation log for details.

Encountered fatal error:
    [CAUAJM_E_101100] The SSA installation has failed. For more information,
refer to the SSAInstall.log file under the TEMP directory.

Encountered below warnings during installation:
[CAUAJM_W_101103] The SSA executable /bin/csamconfigedit not found.
You can access the following services using the corresponding URL.
Note: It may take several minutes for the server to be up and running.

REST web service:

Post-installation logs will be written to:



The problem was due to corruption which occurred since the ISO file was extracted on a windows machine and then copied over to Linux


Release : 12

Component :


Verified the checksum of the ISO file

After copying the ISO to the Linux server and mounting it locally the installation completed without errors