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How to change "CA Service Desk Manager" text on login page?


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To change the text (CA Service Desk Manager) on the login page, you have to customize or adapt the "login.htmpl" file.


Release: All Versions
Component: CA Service Desk 


  1. Copy "login.htmpl" from "$NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\htmpl\default" to "$NX_ROOT\site\mods\www\htmpl\default"

  2. Open the copied file with any text editor (Notepad++, Wordpad, etc)

  3. Search for the following string: "${ProductName}"

  4. Replace the first occurrence of "${ProductName}"with whatever text you want.


    Change line 231:
    <td width="367" height="53" class="login_productname">${ProductName}</td>To:<td width="367" height="53" class="login_productname">My Service Desk</td>
  5. Run pdm_webcache -H

  6. Clear your browser cache (Optional)

  7. Re-launch the ServiceDesk URL and you will notice the text "CA Service Desk Manager" will be replaced with "My ServiceDesk"