CA IDMS Server ODBC from MS Access WSAETIMEDOUT DB001061 -23
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CA IDMS Server ODBC from MS Access WSAETIMEDOUT DB001061 -23


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A Microsoft Access query using ODBC with CA IDMS Server 17.1 fails with:

[CA IDMS ODBC Driver][CA IDMS]DB001061 to C-4M387: Error on DTS SEND/RECEIVE: -23

An ODBC  trace with options ODBC, DTS and DTS CLI shows the following:

JCLI Error: TCP error = 10060  WSAETIMEDOUT
JCLI Error: TCP Receive Failure (Receiving JPAC packet)
DTS: Abend on path's subsequent downstream node
DTS: Logical connections to node disabled
JCLI Error: Connection 00000203F46E2870 has failed and can no longer be used
DTS: Physical connection to node disabled
DTS  Error: TD0D - SendReceive-Receive error Rc = -23
DTS  Error: TD0D - Reason code = -41



Release : 19.0

Component : CA IDMS Server


If creating a query object in MS Access using a script, then the timeout can be specified by setting the QueryTimeout property on the database object coded like this:

DatabaseObject.QueryTimeout = integerseconds

There is sample code in the Microsoft Office documentation.

For queries that are coded as objects in MS Access, issue this DAO method:
   CurrentDB.QueryDefs!thequeryobjectname.ODBCTimeout = integerseconds

When issued, the result is saved in the query object and available for subsequent executions.
The name of the query object is obtained from the MS Access navigator column along the left.
The method can be issued from the immediate area of the VBA session.  The shortest way to get to the immediate area is to issue Ctrl-G while in MS Access.

Additional Information

See article 209535 for timeouts using ODBC defined data sources.

See article 11293 for other timing options on the mainframe side.