Req-Rsp, Header details are not populated in Virtual Service Catalog


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Service Virtualization


There are many virtual services whose information on Request/Rsponse, Header and other configuration details are not shown/not getting populated in Virtual Service Catalog. 



Release : 10.5

Component :


This is due to modified version of bespin-service-1.6.0.jar file. Which is trying to invoke wrong API call that is not returning expected result.

    Use the default version of bespin-service jar (That has with default installation).

*)    Stop the VSCatalog service

*)    Take backup of existing bespin-service-1.6.0.jar file (Move this file out side of installation path i.e <VSCatalog_home>/lib).

*)    Download attached bespin-service-1.6.0.jar and place it in <VSCatalog_home>/lib

*)    Start the VSCatalog service

*)    Access VSCatalog portal and go to managed catalog settings. Delete existing ED connection URL and verify the list from virtual service. Make sure that count has reduced.

*)    Add deleted ED connection details back from managed catalog setting. And refresh the virtual services list and verify the issue.