CA IDMS ODBC Driver DB001061 Error DTS SEND/RECEIVE: -23
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CA IDMS ODBC Driver DB001061 Error DTS SEND/RECEIVE: -23


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CA IDMS  Server ODBC fails with error:

[CA IDMS ODBC Driver][CA IDMS]DB001061 to C-4M387: Error on DTS SEND/RECEIVE: -23


Release : 17.0

Component : CA IDMS Server


The DB001061 error is a generic message indicating there has been a disconnection with the CV. The documentation for the message explains the error:

Data Transfer Services (DTS) between the front-end and the back-end have failed. The return code is explained on the second line of the message.  Generally the actual cause of the failure must be determined by examining the log for the task.

To find the real reason for the disconnection check the IDMS log for other error messages. 

Also, run an ODBC trace with options ODBC, DTS and DTS CLI then check the trace for errors.

A common reason for this error is a timeout. The ODBC trace will show:

JCLI Error: TCP error = 10060  WSAETIMEDOUT

To resolve timeout problems increase ODBC Wait Timeout. This is specified in the Server tab of the ODBC data source definition, in the Connection Options section.

Additional Information

See article 11293 for other timing options on the mainframe side.

See article 209537 for timeout errors using Microsoft Access.