Using CA Gen concat function directly on CLIENT_USER_ID or CLIENT_PASSWORD results in incorrect characters in output buffer


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CA Gen


If CLIENT_USER_ID or CLIENT_PASSWORD is concatenated directly, rather than via a Local View, the output has strange/corrupt characters inside it.

Code that works:

SET lcl cics_container client_user_id TO CLIENT_USER_ID  
SET out_vl_cid_frm_concat_concat_lcl basic_types text_opt_80_vl TO concat(concat("!", lcl cics_container client_user_id), "!")

Code that doesn't:

SET out_vl_cid_frm_concat_concat_sys basic_types text_opt_80_vl TO concat(concat("!", CLIENT_USER_ID), "!")

This was behaviour found during testing Gen cooperative COBOL/CICS servers with Web Services GENius and is also observable through the Gen mainframe DTF facility when running within CICS.

Example output:

Analysis of the generated code indicates that the problem is due to extra characters being concatenated beyond the 64 character length of the CLIENT_USER_ID or CLIENT_PASSWORD system attributes.


Release : 8.5, 8.6
Component : CA Gen Generators


Per the description, there is a viable workaround where the system attribute CLIENT_USER_ID or CLIENT_PASSWORD is first assigned to a view and then the concat function is used on the view instead of directly on the system attribute.
The fix for this problem will be deferred to a later date.