Web Security Service (WSS) ingress and egress IP addresses for Proxy Forwarding


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Web Security Service - WSS


For proxy forwarding, what IP address should I connect to?


The service is currently being upgraded (mid-January through the end of March 2021) and some of the IP addresses and host names used for proxy forwarding will change during this time.  This KB article will be deprecated once the current maintenance is complete.  Since this is a temporary KB article, a different KB article with DNS hostnames will replace this document.  Please review the WSS Status Page frequently for the locations that will be in maintenance.  For IP addresses for IPsec, please see https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article/167174/web-security-service-wss-ingress-and-egr.html .


WSS ingress and egress IP addresses for Proxy Forwarding

Note:  The "ingress ranges" in the third column are also the WSS "egress ranges".

Location (codename) Ingress IP address for Proxy Forwarding Ingress and egress ranges for other access methods and for auth connector
Buenos Aires, Argentina (GARBA1) - vPOP to Sao Paulo
Columbia, South Carolina (GUSCO1) formerly Miami (GUSMI)
Des Moines, Iowa (GUSDM1) formerly Chicago (GUSCH)
Des Moines, Iowa (GUSDM2) formerly Dallas (GUSDA)***

Des Moines, Iowa (GUSDM3) formerly Denver (GUSDV)
Las Vegas, Nevada (GUSLV1)
Los Angeles, California (GUSLA1) formerly San Jose, California (GUSSC)
Mexico City, Mexico (GMXMC1) - vPOP to Los Angeles
Montreal, Canada (GCAMO1)
Sao Paulo, Brazil (GBRSP1)

Portland, Oregon (GUSPO1) formerly Seattle (GUSSE)*

Toronto, Canada (GCATO1) - vPOP to Montreal
Washington, DC (GUSAS1)****

Washington, DC (GUSAS2) - formerly New York, NY (GUSSA)**


Auckland, New Zealand (GNZAU1) - vPOP to Sydney

Beijing, China (PEK1)

Hong Kong (GCNHK1)

Mumbai, India (GINMU1)****

Osaka, Japan (GJPOS1)

Seoul, South Korea (GKRSE1)

Shanghai, China (SHA1)

Singapore (GSGRS1)

Sydney (GAUSY2)

Taipei, Taiwan (GTWTA1)

Tokyo, Japan (GJPTK)*

Wellington, New Zealand (GNZWL) - vPOP to Sydney


Amsterdam, the Netherlands (GNLAM1)

Bucharest, Romania (GROBU1) - vPOP to Frankfurt 

Copenhagen, Denmark (GDKCP1) - vPOP to Amsterdam

Dubai, UAE (GAEDX1) - vPOP to Zurich

Dublin, Ireland (GIEDU1) -  vPOP to London

Frankfurt, Germany (GDEFR1)

Munich, Germany (GDEMU), soon to be Frankfurt, Germany (GDEFR2)

Helsinki, Finland (GFIHE1)

Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB2)

Madrid, Spain (GESMA1) - vPOP to Zurich

Middlesex, England (GGBLO1)

Milan, Italy (GITMI1) - vPOP to Frankfurt

Oslo, Norway (GNOOS1) - vPOP to Helsinki

Paris, France (GFRPA1) - vPOP to Belgium

Stockholm, Sweden (GSESK1) - vPOP to Helsinki

Tel Aviv, Israel (GILTA1) - vPOP to London

Turin, Italy (GITTU1) - vPOP to Frankfurt

Zurich, Switzerland (GCHZU1)