Requirements for Automic migration from Linux to Windows
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Requirements for Automic migration from Linux to Windows


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


This article covers the bare minimum requirements to migrate UC4 Automation Engine server or host components from Linux to Windows using Oracle.  This can be especially important as companies make the move to the cloud like Microsoft Azure.  


Release : 12.0



Generally needed to migrate from Linux to Windows:

  • The full Oracle client must be present on Windows (this will require a DBA's involvement)
  • The tnsnames.ora must be updated on Windows to point to the Oracle database (this will require a DBA's involvement)
  • The AutomationEngine processes must be installed on Windows, please see the documentation here:
  • Update ucsrv.ini on new AE /bin on windows so that it has the correct settings (these will be custom per environment, but a lot will be the same as the ucsrv.ini file from the linux side
  • The service manager should be installed on the server as well in order to start the WPs and CPs automatically as a part of Windows Services.  Please see the documentation here:
  • As with any Automic system, the database and AutomationEngine components must have a very fast connection to each other

As always, these changes should be made in a non-production environment first and thoroughly tested.