After upgrade to ITMS 8.6, Task Servers are listed as "Pending Reboot"


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


After upgrading to ITMS 8.6, Task Server is listed as "pending reboot". However, the Task Server has been already rebooted after upgrading the Task Server plug-in.


ITMS 8.6


Please refer to the ITMS 8.6 Release Notes. under "What's New in This Release".

It mention the following change:

  • Task Service section on the sites server’s page is extended to provide information about the pending reboot on the Task Server and on its clients that have Symantec Management Agent 8.6 installed.

Also, the computer that has pending reboot, is being marked in the SMP Console. The new status "Pending reboot" is produced to extend the state details of the Task Servers and their clients.
The main goal of it is intended to draw attention to the Task Server computers requiring reboot in case of the clients unable to register within it.