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How to embed a CA Support Automation Automated Task into a CA Service Desk (CA SDM) Knowledge Document


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Information on how to embed a CA Support Automation Automated Task into a CA Service Desk (CA SDM) Knowledge Document


CA Support Automation includes the ability to use author, upload and use Automated Tasks for Support Automation sessions. Once these Automated Tasks are uploaded into Support Automation, they can also be leveraged to be embedded into CA SDM Knowledge Documents. This allows you to automate a task and embed the task as a solution into a CA SDM Knowledge Document.

  1. Upload the automated task using the Support Automation Automated Task IDE. Verify that the task is successfully uploaded and visible from within CA SDM - Administration Tab -> Support Automation -> Tools -> Automated Tasks -> Automated Task List. Note the numeral "ID" value as you will need this later.

  2. Create new Action Content. From within CA SDM, navigate to Administration Tab -> Knowledge -> Action Content. In the Action Content page, check 'Use Internal HTMPL' and use 'Action URL' like 'SA_SCRIPT={task_id}', where {task_id} is the numeral "ID" value noted previously.

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    Figure 1

  3. Create a new CA SDM Knowledge Document or open an existing one. While in "Edit" mode of the Knowledge Document, click on the "Edit Resolution" button in the "Resolution" section of the content of the Knowledge Document.

  4. When the HTML Editor opens, click the "Insert" item in the menu bar and section "Action Content.

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    Figure 2

  5. Select the "Action Content" that was created previously. You can then populate any additional information needed. When you are finished, click "OK" and save and publish the CA SDM Knowledge Document. You will now be able to click the link to launch an Automated Task from within the CA SDM Knowledge Document.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration


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