Address ESP does not permit routing to master subsystem from proxy


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CA OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


If I call ESP program (from batch, for example), I can use the parameter SUBSYS=(ESPP,MASTER) where in this case ESPP is the proxy subsytem.  This allows me to execute commands that require resources available only on the master (Trigger commands, for example, that require the Event dataset) from any system in the sysplex.  The Address ESP host environment apparently does not have that capability.  Any way to implement that without a fair amount of conditional logic in the AOF rules to fire off work on remote systems if needed?


Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


To send commands that require ESP Master functionality you can use the statement ROUTING MASTER before the actual command. 
For example:

waeecmd = "ROUTING MASTER;TR eventname"                                 
address ESP                           /* Set ESP host environment    */ 
"Subsys(ESPP);"waeecmd                /* Build required keywords     */ 
say 'RC of cmd 'waeecmd'='rc           /* Simple say of return code   */
cmdoutlines = QUEUED()                 /* Set the # of cmd responses  */
say 'Collected output for 'waeecmd':'                                   
do cmdoutlines                         /* Set loop for all responses  */
 pull cmdout                           /* Pull one line from EDQ      */
 say ' ***>'cmdout                     /* Simple say of this cmd line */
end                                    /* End of all responses        */