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BZM: TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) or OTP (One-time Password) solution


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Is there a way to get a one-time-password like from Google Authenticator within BlazeMeter?

I have seen Java and JavaScript code out there to do it. But, they rely on downloaded libraries. Which I am sure are not available in BlazeMeter java scripting.
I have a PowerShell script that can put a code in a text file. But, it is only good for 30 or 60 seconds. And, the application does not allow longer time frame codes. And, I would still need a way to execute it and get the results into my test.

I need what the site below emulates.

I just do not want to use this site for production calls.  Because it is not a paid resource I would have support with.




Release : SAAS



As per development you can build a custom script with JMeter's components and upload the necessary JAR files needed to run it to do what you want. 

That is supported in BlazeMeter (below is documentation showing as much):

You can use any custom JAR file you want with your JMeter test in BlazeMeter (you would just need to upload them to BlazeMeter with the JMeter script), then you will be able to run your test in BlazeMeter. If you are wanting help from us with scripting, you need to reach out to services which is going to involve some cost.